Program Management

Sayers Construction provides effective management, efficient scheduling, and allocation of resources.  While managing projects, and focusing on carefully selected projects, Sayers can then define them in terms of their objectives and providing an environment where projects can be ran successfully.  Sayers provides oversight in specific utility programs such as Distribution, Substation, and Transmission. 

Project Management

Sayers collaborates on a variety of projects in the Distribution, Transmission, and Substation industry, such as AFS, PIP, Lump Sum, Distribution OH and UG, T&E, etc.  There are many moving parts:  initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and project completion. 


Quality starts with accountability.  Sayers has built a reputation as an innovative, reliable, and responsive utility leader by using a systematic approach of monitoring and implementing processes, while ensuring the integrity of our performance from our extensive experience in the utility industry.

Inspection Services

Inspections services are as the ‘eyes and ears’ of the utility company.  It is a comprehensive process that keeps projects on time and under budget while evaluating risks, benefits, and costs to secure a safe and productive work-site.

Pole Inspection Programs

Sayers provides utility companies and municipalities solutions for managing their in-service pole and aerial infrastructures.  Sayers utilizes the most up to date electronic inspection devices which greatly improve efficiency and accuracy.  Accurate data collection is a crucial part of any Pole Inspection and Maintenance program to accurately record pole identification, GPS location, and joint-use data in the field. All information is delivered to the client in the format that best suits their needs. Sound and bore inspections are also common practices to determine the condition of in-service poles.