Program Management

Sayers Construction provides effective program management for a wide variety of utility sector needs.  Regardless of which type of program your staff requires support on, Sayers has the qualified personnel to successfully implement a cost-effective solution.  Sayers is more than capable of providing program management solutions for the utility sector in the Distribution, Substation, and Transmission realms. Some types of program management areas are:
Quality Assurance / Quality Control  (QA/QC)
Process Implementation
Billing & Invoicing
New Technology Implementation

Project Management

Sayers Construction has a competent, well-versed staff which is more than capable of managing projects of any magnitude in the regarding the Distribution, Transmission and Substation sectors of power delivery.  Our project management team utilizes a 3 -tier approach to ensure that production, budget and schedule are tracked in a comprehensive and cost-effective way. To achieve the aforementioned, Sayers utilizes the most comprehensive software and project tracking techniques to ensure that project lag is identified early on so that if required, project recovery can occur prior to deadline or budget failure.


Quality starts with accountability.  Sayers has built a reputation as an innovative, reliable, and responsive utility leader by using a systematic approach of monitoring and implementing process through the utilization of cutting-edge technology to ensure that the adherence of customer standards and industry best-practices is followed at all times. We ensure the integrity of our performance through innovative process implementation, utilization of personnel with adept knowledge regarding industry best-practices and comprehensive, thorough documentation and reporting second to none.

Inspection Services

Inspections services are as the ‘eyes and ears’ of the utility company. Sayers utilizes the most comprehensive electronic inspection devices which greatly improve efficiency and accuracy.  Accurate data collection is a crucial part of any Pole Inspection Maintenance Program to accurately record facility point data. All information is delivered to the client in the format that best suits their needs. Through our utilization of cutting-edge technology, sayers can deliver the following regarding inspection services at a fraction of the cost of our competition.
Deliverables include, but are not limited to:  
GPS Coordinates
LiDAR coupled with high resolution imagery
Before and After photos with high-resolution images
KMZ files with facility point data
Audio notes for each facility point
Thermal Inspections
Aerial photos
Attachment heights

Construction and Engineering

Sayers provides construction services for a multitude of clients throughout the North American region. Whether we utilize our extensive partnerships to perform, or we utilize our self-performance division, Sayers can provide a construction solution which delivers a safe, quality product which typically results in project completion that is on-time and under the budget forecast. We can accomplish this due to our extensive relationships with premier engineering firms throughout the utility sector. Where most construction companies fail, we flourish due to our ability to provide a comprehensive constructability solution prior to engineering on a given project. In most cases, our construction staff is able to collaborate with engineering firms prior to design which results in a safer and more cost effective product to the client.